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​ササキ チホ



Sasaki Chiho

I fell in love with old fabric and traditional clothes of the world.

I am learning about design and functional of them.

And I am making clothes with unique details by old fabric. 





I propose clothing under the concept of "Imaginary Ethnic Costumes," which can be worn like a costume, equipped like armor, and layered.

The fabrics I use were produced in the past but are no longer manufactured, or may disappear in the future. I search for and collect good materials from the good old days, breathing new life into them as clothing, while preserving their quality and transforming their shapes to make the most of the materials.

Since I use limited fabrics, I always consider whether the design suits the fabric. I aim to project my current feelings, thoughts, and wishes onto the clothes I create. Above all, I believe that when I enjoy making something, it brings joy to my customers as well.

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